First met-con in weeks

I did a 15 minute amrap today. Haven’t done any conditioning in almost THREE WEEKS. It was after I broke my record for weighted dips by doing a set of 4 at 30kg, my fifth set into what was meant to be a 4x4 workout haha.

Anyway I just RX’D the met-con and only one dude all day did better than me, and only by 8.5 burpees. Not bad for my come-back WOD haha. 

Afterward I just lay on the ground pouring sweat while yelling dumb shit like “that wasn’t even hard man, I’m not even sweating!” and “I’m not even tired man, I’m just laying down to stretch properly” while another fighter who did the workout laughed at me and poured water on me.

It’s good to be back at Sassom. I walked in and watched the group before me doing the workout, including my trainer and gym owner, Marcus. I was doing good quality burpees but not clapping on the jump, so I started taking the piss out of him “That’s a no rep, zero, zero, zero!” haha. I turned my back to sort my gear out in the shelves, he detoured on his way out to do the run and dropped right-left body hooks onto me from behind! I was coughing and trying to get my breath and yelling “You pussy!!!” and he was off on his run yelling over his shoulder “You’re getting soft!”

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